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16 Places In The World That You Can Afford To Visit Even If You’re Young And Broke

Roam if you want to Roam around the world Roam if you want to Without anything but the love we feel–B-52’s, “Roam” (1989) While world travel generally comes with a price, there are ways for people with limited funds to go globetrotting without resorting to “beg-packing”.  Making reservations at a hostel instead of a five-star […]

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The Best 7 Language Learning Apps To Use Abroad

SH SH SH EngliSH… FrenSH… SpaniSH… DeutSH… DutSH… YiddiSH… RusSHian… SHinese… PoliSH… SwediSH…FinniSH… —Laurie Anderson (1984) In an earlier article, we discussed the importance of being able to communicate with the locals when one travels to foreign countries. It’s not only convenient it’s also one of the best ways to get more into the country’s […]

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Safr ‘Female Uber’ Is Here To Make Traveling Safer For Women

Women seek Safr rides We’ve all seen them on the internet. Social media is rife with horror stories from women who reportedly suffered various horrors while using ride-sharing apps in place of professional taxi services. Both female drivers and passengers for the well-known ride-sharing apps Lyft and Uber have filed claims of sexual assault and […]

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Scientists Say This Is The Ultimate U.S. Road Trip

Get your motor runnin’ Head out on the highway Lookin’ for adventure And whatever comes our way—Steppenwolf (1968) Are you looking to explore the U.S.?  Do you like road trips?  According to science, this is the ultimate U.S. road trip. Yes, if you’re thinking about taking a road trip across the United States, the ultimate […]