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Top 12 Must Dos in Ireland

Lyrically gorgeous, charmingly ancient and culturally endowed – Ireland is an enchantress all the way! With some of the friendliest folks on earth and a proud heritage, there’s plenty for travelers to take back from this tiny country with a large legacy. Here are team Must Do Travels’ Top 12 Ireland Must Dos. 12. Trinity […]

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Greek Beach Among Best in The World

A secluded sandy cove on Greece’s Zakynthos Island, Navagio Beach or The Shipwreck, as it’s popularly referred to, remains one of the picturesque nation’s most photogenic coasts. While it isn’t a secret that Greece’s isolated beaches and islands are a beacon for travelers seeking a relaxing coastal expeirence, this one’s truly intriguing owing to the […]

Destinations Europe Spain

Top 12 Vacation Destinations in Spain

Spain instantly conjures images of exotic culture, colorful streets, spirited fiestas and

mouth-watering food. Throw in spectacular beaches, and a well-endowed country-side

for one of the most culturally and geographically diverse vacations. Here are our top 12

picks for a memorable Spanish holiday (not in any particular order).

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16 Places In The World That You Can Afford To Visit Even If You’re Young And Broke

Roam if you want to Roam around the world Roam if you want to Without anything but the love we feel–B-52’s, “Roam” (1989) While world travel generally comes with a price, there are ways for people with limited funds to go globetrotting without resorting to “beg-packing”.  Making reservations at a hostel instead of a five-star […]

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Must Do Travels Iceland Guide

You’d be forgiven for mistaking Iceland for another planet, what with its surreal

geothermal hotspots, volcanic lagoons, picturesque waterfalls and jaw-droppingly

beautiful hiking trails. With once-in- a-lifetime kind of natural experiences (Northern

Lights), the Nordic beauty must feature on your travel itinerary. We at MTD go the

whole hog and bring you a round-up of 15 Iceland must dos (with the signature panache,

of course!)

Iceland /Image: Wikipedia