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16 Places In The World That You Can Afford To Visit Even If You’re Young And Broke

Roam if you want to Roam around the world Roam if you want to Without anything but the love we feel–B-52’s, “Roam” (1989) While world travel generally comes with a price, there are ways for people with limited funds to go globetrotting without resorting to “beg-packing”.  Making reservations at a hostel instead of a five-star […]

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10 Giant Chinese Infrastructure Projects That Are Reshaping The World 2

Night in Shanghai, night in Shanghai, you are a city that never sleeps–Zhou Xuan, “Shanghai Nights”, (1949) Since 1949, China has gone through significant changes.   As discussed in the first piece, China is going through some major changes.  Over the next several years, the Chinese will relocate almost 250 million citizens — the equivalent […]

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Shimao Hotel Built Into Quarry Has Underground Aquarium And More

I’m staying in the hotel, not the motel or the holi-day inn–Cassidy, “Hotel” (2003) Tourists oft’times find the architecture of China to be both full of character and quite interesting to investigate.  This new hotel project though takes things yet one step further. The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental Indeed, The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental also known to […]

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10 Giant Chinese Infrastructure Projects That Are Reshaping The World

China is going through some big changes. Over the next decade, the Chinese plan to relocate approximately 250 million people — the equivalent of the population of Indonesia — into the ever-growing cities. As part of this relocation, China has invested billions into new infrastructure projects. Here are some of the projects you might want […]

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What’s The Top ‘Must Do’ Activity In Every Country In The World?

What’s the most popular tourist attraction in every country in the world? Every travel source online offers ideas on the best place to visit in every country in the world. Every travel pundit purports to know the best activity in which to engage anywhere and everywhere. We here at Must Do Travels, know that we […]